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I must admit I was anxious about ‘writing’, but after a little meditation I was able to recall a memory close to my heart. I was able to see writing in a different light as I put pen to paper. I now see writing as something that can be used as a means of therapy!

Michelle D.


As an experienced Writing for Wellbeing Practitioner and member of the Lapidus Therapeutic Writing community, I run therapeutic writing workshops for people who want to explore writing as a way of having fun, while also learning more about themselves and how they express their feelings. I allow people to share their work in a supportive space which helps them to improve their confidence, motivation, and increases their social engagement.

My workshops which are face to face and online, include freewriting, poetry, life writing, images, humour, and photos. I am passionate about the transformative way writing can help people change the way they think, feel, and act. More recently I’ve been focusing on life coaching after qualifying with the Animas Centre for Coaching in November 2020.

As a qualified Transformational Life Coach, I help people explore new strategies to meet their goals. I’ve coached people through topics which have ranged from writing projects, family issues, work/life balance, diary management, start-ups, weight loss and nutrition, and relationships.

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As a Life Coach, I offer you space to think in a way that will help you:

  • Speed up the process of achieving your goals faster than if you were doing it alone. Help you work out where the heck to start!

  • Remove the blocks and limiting beliefs that are keep you stuck.

  • Create a path in each session to help you make your goals a priority.

  • Help you to achieve more work/life balance.

  • Allow you to be heard and supported and feel that someone is on your side and that your vision is possible.

  • Enable you to trust yourself and your vision.

  • Reduce anxiety and increase motivation.

  • Give you a safe and supportive space to be open and honest about all aspects of your life.

In my Writing for Wellbeing workshops, I provide: 

  • Free writing exercises  

  • Poetry 

  • Life writing 

  • Comedy 

  • Self-reflective exercises 

  • Coaching methods 

  • Clutter clearance 

  • Working with art, photos, images, and objects 

  • Social connection and fun!

Please get in touch if you would hear more about my work.


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